A-C-E (Working Title) is the fancomic by Cid-Vicious (artist) and User:IronBloodAika (writer) centered around the love triangle between Cody, Anita, and Eva, focusing specifically on the conflict between the later two.


In an AU story involving a more aggressive but much more vivid display of the love triangle, Anita and Eva spot Cody sitting alone. The two exchange evil eyes at each other, and thus do their best to not only get his attention but discredit the other girl. As the frustration rises, it becomes out of hand and not only does everyone in the contest overhear what is going on, but they are going to get involved too!


  • The working title stands for Anita-Cody-Eva (A-C-E).
  • A cover page is planned to be released after the comic reaches a certain part of the story.
  • The comic takes place outside of TDBG's continuity, as several characters who were already voted out of the game are seen in the cafeteria.
  • Still looking for a colorist.
  • Cid's drawing of Bunny Courtney appears in a daydream from Duncan.
  • This comic marks the first time Cid ever drew Owen, Ezekiel, Sebastian, Sakaki, Clive, Zachary, Colin, and, most ironically, Eva. Most of them have appeared in drawings after their first appearance in the comic.


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