This page is for the interactions and friendship of Alfred and Yoshi.


Alfred and Yoshi were on the same team multiple times since the start of the show, and Alfred was fascinated by him, especially his sword skills. Also, the two were both interested (although Yoshi was reluctant to admit it out loud) with Daisy.

This was actually what brought the two boys together, despite Yoshi's determination to compete in the show rather than get involved in new friends and relationships. Alfred was the one to encourage him to court Daisy, and even gave up the chance to go out with her himself. Since her elimination, Alfred and Yoshi have been good friends, something the latter needs since he is almost always feuding with Zachary and his temper is frayed.

Yoshi has also worked in the interest of Alfred's love life, ensuring Mandy was not voted off in Super VR, as she was on the chopping block for sacrificing teammates without consent in the game. He managed to pull this off, and Mandy stayed on the show.

Before the RV Race, Alfred was sitting with Yoshi, as well as Sebastian. He did as much talking as he could before he fell asleep in his breakfast.


  • One of the Friendship badges is Alfred, Sebastian, and Yoshi, which is to represent the friendship between the unlikely trio of boys involving a warrior, a philosopher, and a gonzo.
  • Their friendship is a testament to how well Alfred gets along with others, as Yoshi was at first determined to compete and only that.
  • Both like Daisy, and Alfred let Yoshi pursue her. This would be a familiar scene later, when Izzy insisted Mandy be courting Alfred instead of herself.


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