This article focuses on the many Alliances the contestants made through the seasons.

Total Drama IslandEdit



During the second challenge back in season one, Heather formed an alliance with two, in her opinion, of her team's most idiotic people: Beth and Lindsay. She pledged that she would take them to the final three with her, and enforced strict rules upon them.

Total Drama ComebackEdit


Sometime during the first and third challenge, Courtney formed an alliance with her boyfriend Duncan and Heather, whose main goal would be to eliminate Harold. Duncan helped Courtney because she was his girlfriend (and wasn't too fond of the nerd either), while Heather did it just to be safe from the others. Together, they caused the eliminations of Geoff, Leshawna, Lindsay, and Trent, but failed to eliminate Harold. When Katie sacrificed herself to save Harold, their alliance was exposed by Courtney herself in a fit of rage, and after calming down and talking with Ezekiel, she explained the others her reasons for her actions. The alliance was dissolved by the end of the day (though of course, Duncan and Courtney were still together).


After her alliance with Courtney and Duncan was dissolved, Heather tried to seduce Ezekiel in order to gain a new ally. See Heather and Ezekiel for more info.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Courtney's alliancesEdit

Courtney decided to make a new alliance with some of the rookies, this time to protect herself rather than having somebody eliminated (since she's aware that many people will try to vote her off for her past deeds during TDC). She tried to convince Arthur into forming one, but he declined. In a confessional, Arthur said that, after all the things Courtney did the past season, nobody in his right mind would make an alliance with her.

It's unknown if Courtney still seeks an alliance.

Valerie's alliancesEdit

Valerie decided to form an alliance with several contestants from the very beginning of the contest. She enlisted her eventual love interest Zachary first. Then she would try to convince Trent to join, arguing that Gwen would need protection, since she was rude and crabby towards everyone. Zachary, during the Zombie VR, enlisted Owen. Valerie also instructed Zachary to recruit Justin and Beth, but they didn't join them.

Her alliance didn't start off too well. Her first move, Tyler's elimination in the third challenge, failed, and it was Jasmine who boarded the Bus of Losers. During the fifth challenge, she planned Howard's elimination, but it was her ally Owen who was eliminated. Later, she would find out that Trent had left the alliance and voted for Owen instead of Howard; this infuriated her and she swore revenge.

Currently, her alliance involves herself, Zachary, and, although forced and grudging, Arthur.


  • To date, all of the major alliances have been formed by girls (Courtney, Heather, Valerie).
  • Most of the alliances have broken apart mid-game.

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