This article focuses on the interactions between Anita and Rodney.


Rodney was quite the charmer of ladies over how adorable he really was, but as the competition went on, he revealed he had a crush on a certain girl. That girl turned out to be Anita.

Anita and Rodney were two of the finalists in Rookies vs. Veterans, and again on the same team in Car Race. Because Anita was so busy trying to court Cody, she didn't realize that the prodigy had a crush on her. When he revealed it was her and asked if she would like to go out with him during the Super VR (claiming that since they were in the same grade, it wasn't unnatural), she had to politely turn him down and explain the age difference was too great.

Despite the turn-down, Rodney still thinks highly of Anita and she still regards him as a cutie. Rodney is also trying to hook Anita up with Cody, along with the other nerds.


  • The pairing name, which may or may not be possible, is Rodita.
  • Rodney's attraction to Anita is in part because she looks like an older version of Gil, his friend and crush in his past.