This article focuses on the interactions between Belinda and Howard.


Howard and Belinda started in a rather unusual way: she slapped him before he said a word to him. This was because he was going to flirt with her, and she just wanted to make sure the "no" came out clear. Despite this, Howard was fascinated by Belinda, and began to pursue her.

He gave her the nickname Foresight, and continued to flirt with her whenever he could, especially when she was on his team. She was very aloof and in confessions would say she wasn't impressed, but was usually nice and responded back to him. Belinda could also be a tease right back.

Eventually, Belinda made up her mind, and during the Boat Race, she made it clear she didn't want to date him. Upset but able to take it, Howard was okay in being friends. He was unfortunately voted off that challenge, but after a good-bye from her, he was in better spirits, especially when he hooked up with Jasmine; and if one didn't know better, from Belinda's words, the clairvoyant sensed that coming.


  • The pairing name for them is Belward.
  • Howard pursuing Belinda has been compared to Cody pursuing Gwen.
  • TKN had planned for this to be a red herring of a possible pairing, but felt a little guilty since the pairing had gathered a small following.
  • The ironic part of the pairing is that Belinda is very good at reading people, while Howard is pretty bad at it despite calling himself a ladies' man.


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