Bella Naughtte is a parody, or rather just a badly sung version, of Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp. It is sung by Chico the Raccoon to serenade Bridgette.


o theez iz teh ny-iiiiiight, eez ah beeyuteefull ny-iiiiiight!

An we callz eet bella naughtte!

Luk at teh skyze, dey haz starz een deir eyezzzz!

On dis wuvwee bella naughtteeeeee!

Syde bah syde wid ur wuved wun...

u'll fynd enchantment herez

teh nyght will weeve itz magik spell

when teh wun u wuv iz neer

o dis ez teh nyght, an teh heavins r ryght

on dis wuuuuuv-weeeeeeee bellaaaaaaa naaaaaww-teeeeeeeee!


  • Chris - "You're not going to do a song while I'm here. Bridgette, I beg of you, go with him so we don't have to listen to that awful noise anymore!"
  • Groucho the Duck - "My little recruit, winning challenges and fighting the good fight, now he's serenading a lady! I'm so proud of him!"


  • Chico had a little crush on Bridgette since she saved him during TDC. He recognizes the boundaries, but still likes to serenade her.
  • The song is split into two parts in the story, as Chico starts at the elimination ceremony, and finishes on the blimp.
  • TKN makes it a habit of doing love songs by Chico the Raccoon.

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