High-Five Beth Cody

This article focuses on the interactions between Beth and Cody.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

The two developed crushes on one another, although Beth had an alternate crush on Justin. This started out as a strong friendship. They were paired off together in many challenges, where the result was the two bonding with one another. Beth often teases him for the admiration the female viewers have for him, and has also been one of his chief supporters, especially after learning how cruelly he was treated when he returned from the first season.

Beth and Cody almost became a couple, but then they were sent to Playa De Losers for a challenge, and she was smitten by Justin. At the end of the day, she chose to go out with Justin, but remained friends with Cody, who couldn't bear a grudge towards her.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Though the two were busy and away from each other most of the time, they still had their friendship evident during the story. Beth supported Eva, her friend since TDC, to hook up with Cody.


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