This article focuses on the interactions and relationship between Beth and Justin.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

During TDC, Justin was eliminated early on in. Beth thought about him often, but didn't get a chance to talk to him again until later in the contest when those still competing were brought to Playa De Losers to work with those who had been voted off. There, Beth was able to talk to Justin more, and thus the two hit it off so well that they started going out.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Beth and Justin were still an affectionate couple when TDB started, including making out in the confessional when Justin was covered in mud.

When Beth was voted off, Justin lost his fighting spirit completely; he also felt downcast about the arrival of Alejandro, who seemed to be taking away the attention from his own gorgeousness. Justin was eventually voted off in the same episode for not cooperating with his teammates, and would be reunited with his girl again one episode later who comforted him on the bus of Losers.


  • The pairing name for this couple is usually Justeth.
  • The pairing was first created by Winter-Rae, and had a great influence on TKN while he was writing TDC.
  • The irony to the two is that Justin has less self-confidence than Beth in the long run, despite what many would think to be the opposite.


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