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Billy the Intern!

Billy is the Intern on Total Drama Battlegrounds. He is in charge of organizing challenges, and periodically testing to see if it they are safe.


Billy has been the intern since the beginning of TDBG, but did not show up until the Boat Race. Carol immediately fell for him, and made it her goal to ask him out if she won first prize in the contest. Billy was distracted by Chris Maclean's rather blunt and cruel words, especially insinuating that interns weren't people and expendable.

Billy has appeared throughout the challenges since, usually trying to dish out payback towards Chris, like using his hair gel.

Love InterestsEdit

Billy was single when the contest started. In his official introduction, Carol fell for him and was determined to ask him out. When her team won the Boat Race challenge, she snuck Billy onto the bus to go on the cruise with her (using Clive as a cover date).

This didn't work out well for Carol, but well for Billy, as he ran into his estranged girlfriend, Emily. The two are now currently dating and happy.

VR ChallengesEdit

Billy has not participated in any VR challenges, but Chris has used his likeness as a VR example of how vicious the monsters in the simulation are.


  • Billy was one of the MMORPG Race bosses.
  • It has been commented that Billy does look a little like Tyler, due to both sharing the same face shape.
  • Billy mentioned that he had a friend named Emily who works as a flight attendant.
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