This page is to write out the friendship between Bridgette and Dawn.


During the beginning of the RV Race, Dawn was introduced to the cast as a student-intern. When she talked to Chris (or rather ignored him and explained in general) about her love for nature and meditation, Bridgette said out loud that she liked Dawn. When Dawn insisted that her salary be sent to a nature preservation group, Bridgette repeated her fondness for the moon child.

During a confessional, Dawn and Bridgette were meditating together, happy to have someone to share it with. Dawn commented how the Janitor's Closet wasn't the best place because of it's semi-scary atmosphere, but Bridgette assured her she could get used to it.


  • Dawn and Bridgette are commonly compared to each other, due to their love for nature, animals, and meditation, and both having long blonde hair.
  • While the two were the only people who liked meditation to begin with, both have encouraged others to meditate.
  • Coincedentally, Dawn was also the name of one of Bridgettes friends from home.


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