Gender Unknown
Hair color Light grey
Eye color Black
Teams None
Roommates DJ, Daisy, Duncan, Eva
Family DJ (owner)
Friends DJ, Geoff, Bridgette
Enemies Snake, Eagle, Shark
Fear Being eaten
Nicknames Rabbit

Bunny is, and always has been, DJ's pet rabbit since Total Drama Island. During Total Drama Comeback and Total Drama Battlegrounds, he brought it back into the competition.


Bunny was found by DJ during Total Drama Island. Unknown to DJ, however, his current bunny is not the one he found, as that was eaten by a snake, taken by an eagle but landed on the dock and all 3 were eaten by a shark, after the gentle giant entrusted the rabbit's care to Geoff. Duncan found a replacement and gave it to DJ as a rare act of kindness.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

DJ brought Bunny with him when he returned to the island. He wasn't seen much at all except for DJ's entrance and departure to the island. However Bunny was almost run over by Trent and Bridgette on a motorcycle, but thanks to Bridgette shouting "BUNNY!", Trent swerved the bike just in time. The rabbit didn't even notice. A few moments later, DJ gently placed the it back in the cabin.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Bunny has appeared in many episodes of the season, usually being very well cared for by DJ.


  • Bunny is not the same Bunny DJ found, as it is another rabbit Duncan found after Geoff lost the first Bunny. DJ is still unaware of this.
  • Of the animals in TD, Bunny is one that doesn't talk. He also is one of the few pets, owned by a human.

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