The Bus of Losers is the vehicle that replaces the Boat of Losers from the previous two seasons. It is also where the Total Drama Battlegrounds Aftermath show takes place. It is driven by Duncan, who sometimes uses it to sneak back onto the show.


Throughout the show, the Bus of Losers has always been there to pick up the one voted off. The Bus first arrived at the end in Rookies vs. Veterans, being driven by Groucho and Chico to collect Sandra after her elimination. When Chris was surprised to see the two animals driving, he was informed that the incredibly low morale of the interns (a.k.a. drinking) left them no choice but to enlist the duck and raccoon.

There was an uprising Car Race when Duncan, the second eliminated, decided to take over the bus as driver, by violently pitching out Chef. He took it to a car shop to get it remodeled, and spray painted his skull decal all over it.

The Bus appeared at the end of the next episode, Nerds vs. Pops: Paintball, where Duncan appeared once again with Sandra to collect Jasmine after her elimination, confirming his role as the bus driver.

After the Zombie VR, the Bus of Losers interviewing was hosted in a chapter, in which the five voted off were asked questions by Sierra and Alejandro. Most of them were too upset to be good interviewees, and Groucho and Chico had to sneak aboard for more mischief.

After the Alien VR, Joel refused to fix anything else on the show after the way the producers went out of their way to upset Hannah. As if by pure coincidence, the Bus of Losers broke down completely before he could board it. Thus, those voted off were stuck at the stadium for a while for repairs by amateurs were made.

When she was eliminated in Super VR, Carol took over the Bus of Losers by kissing Duncan and throwing him from the driver's seat; however, she was too short to drive, and thus Hannah took the wheel again.


  • Alejandro and Sierra are the co-hosts for the Bus of Losers, also with Groucho and Chico onboard many times.
  • Duncan has spray-painted skulls on all sides of the bus, including one that has a straw hat on it (a shout-out to the manga One Piece).
  • TKN picked a bus so he could have cameos from those voted off all the time, a treat for the fans who want to see more of them.
  • Joel used to fix the bus until Chris and the producers crossed the line with him.
  • The bus has a bathroom that is used for confessionals during the Bus of Losers chapters.
  • The following have driven the bus: Groucho and Chico (at the same time), Chef Hatchet, Duncan, Hannah,Izzy and Carol.
  • Izzy is the only person so far to be on the bus when she has not been voted off yet.

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