C'thulu eyes
Gender Unknown, possibly male
Hair color (skin, really) Orange
Eye color Unknown
Teams N/A
Roommates N/A
Relationship Ezekiel (prey)
Family Unknown
Friends Unkown
Enemies Izzy, Bridgette
Fear Bridgette's surfboard
Talent Size
Nicknames "monster of the depths, fiend of the ocean", "uninvited guest"
C'thulu is the Giant Octopus whose tentacle is seen in the TDI opening sequence. During Total Drama Comeback, it develops a desire to eat Ezekiel. At the end of the season it is killed by Izzy.


Total Drama IslandEdit

The giant octopus is first seen during the theme song for Season one, when it snags a seagull with one of its tentacles and drags it underwater.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

During TDC, C'thulu makes an offscreen appearance in Returning Talents - Part 2 as a hologram in the Pit of 1,000 Screams, to prevent Ezekiel from getting his GEM. However, while the hologram did scare him (and supposedly slam him into walls a few times), it did not succeed in its task, as Zeke managed to stuff his GEM under his toque before climbing out.

The creature's next appearance was during the floating cabins challenge, where it made its first attempt to eat Ezekiel.

C'thulu's final appearance takes place in the finale, where, at the last moment, it arises from a small pond, and tries to eat Ezekiel, right before he crosses over the finish line. Luckily, Bridgette and Izzy defeat the monster thanks to some help from Harold. However, while helping Ezekiel with defeating the creature, Bridgette and Izzy had crossed the finish line, thus becoming winners of Total Drama Comeback.
Bigger C'thulu tentacle

C'thulu's tentacle as seen in TDRI


  • C'thulu hasn't made an appearance in TDB, but he has been mentioned several times by Mandy.
    • Many people seem to believe that C'thulu was killed by Izzy during Final Gauntlet in TDC, it is revealed in TDB episode nine, chapter 31: Star Wreck, Mandy said in a confessional: "Yeah, I'm happy to call Izzy my friend. She's cool in so many ways, and I'd love to help her hook up. I know people say she 'killed C'thulhu' last season, but that was an octopus, people! An octopus nicknamed after the Old God, and thus, she didn't kill the Old God himself!" Whether this is true or not is still unknown.
    • Mandy has also summoned a "smaller" variation of C'thulu during the Super VR episode dubbed C'thulu Jr.

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