This page is for the interactions between Carol and Mandy.


Both girls seemed pretty alike at first: loud, forceful, passionate, and a little destructive. They did not react much until finally Super VR, and it was then revealed that neither of them liked the other. Mandy would set off Carol's berserk button by calling her short, and Carol would enrage Mandy by insulting her beliefs. The two girls argued and fought outside of the VR game before and after, with Izzy trying to keep them at bay.

In the Super VR, Mandy sacrificed Carol (as well as Clive and Sadie) without their permission to summon Cthulhu Jr., a powerful son of the Old God. Though the monster fought relatively well and took out four of the opposing team, Carol was very upset at the end of the challenge. She and Mandy again went at each other, and both voted for the other when it came time to do so. Carol would ultimately be the one eliminated.


  • Both girls are rather short, Carol being just under Beth and Mandy being just over.
  • Both girls are good friends of Izzy, and thus she was referee for all the fights.
  • The most hilarious similarity is how both girls manage to say things that come out wrong without meaning to (Mandy says things that make her sound like she's a lesbian, Carol uses slang for her cat without realizing what it is slang for today).


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