This article describes the interactions between Chef Hatchet and Chris.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Chef and Chris carried on their love-hate relationship, enjoying the thrill of the show and being able to torment the contestants. Despite the fun of this, Chef was constantly used as a punching bag, and sometimes would take revenge.

One conflict came when Chef kidnapped Chris, tied him up, and left him in the confessional so that he could do the Voting Ceremony. Chris brought about revenge when in Wawanakwa Strikers, he used Chef as an example for all the painful things that could happen in the challenge, like the metal ball hitting a human being or the electric fence.

Chris would also make it a sub-challenge to kick Chef in the butt, something the contestants all managed to do by being very sneaky, and left the big man crying in the Confessional Can.

Also a constant gag was how the two would bet on things, like relationships and who would win. Chef always took the good side, i.e. Chris bet that Bridgette would cheat on Geoff with Ezekiel, and Chef didn't think she would.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Chef Hatchet did not receive his paycheck for nearly a quarter of the show. To get revenge on Chris, he wore a very revealing robe to protest, and escalated to where Chef would throw a contest, and also reveal Alejandro and Chris's scheme to break up couples.

Now that Chef has finally been paid, and in one large sum because the pay checks had been held it up since Total Drama Comeback, Chris and Chef have a lot less tension; however, as paying Chef has started to become a problem, beginning in RV Race, it might lead right back to the troubles the two are having.


  • Their feud has sometimes hinted a homosexual relationship between the two of them.
  • While both of them are mean-spirited sadists, they seem to have soft spots for some of the contestants, Chef more so.
  • The contestants usually side with Chef Hatchet when it comes to the conflict, as Chris gives Chef a hard time like he does them.
  • They are the only two characters to go by a first and last name, assuming Chef's first name is Chef.
  • Both have competed in VR Challenges, usually against each other or planning to be.


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