"Listen, eh, I doo'nt knoo' why yoo'r dressed like that, or hoo' we woo'nd up in Egypt! Is this some bizarre alternate universe?"

This article focuses on the conflict between Chris Maclean and Ezekiel.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Even though Ezekiel wasn't aware of it, Chris was making fun of his family and lifestyle from the first minute. He was too stoked to be on the show to read the host's words.

At the special of TDI, Chris had a plan to have Owen turn his hundred thousand dollars so he had a chance to win one million dollars; however, Zeke inadvertently prevented this, ruining all of Chris's plans on what to do next season. He was forced to return to the island for their second season, as he and the producers couldn't think or find anywhere better.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Zeke was forced back on the show, despite the major protest he and his parents had. Chris delighted in making him come back, because of aforementioned reasons. The host didn't stop there, he would consistently bet with Chef Hatchet on things like Ezekiel making passes at Bridgette, or kissing her though she was still taken.

For the most part, Chris was silent about his grudge and animosity towards Ezekiel. The only time he showed how little he cared about Zeke was during Saw It Coming, when the host didn't bother to try and get help for the prairie boy when a serial killer was upon him.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

A few challenges into the show, Chris was being chewed out by the producer, and that's when it was revealed to the viewing world what Ezekiel had accidentally done (He the reason the rest of the series never happened). The host was even more upset, because the movie lot (TDA) he had been hoping to use had been totally demolished. Thus, Chris wanted to make Zeke's life miserable, as he had to suck up to the producer and wanted someone to lash out at.

Chris verbally abuses Ezekiel, much to the chagrin of his friends and girlfriend. He even makes threats at him, such as throwing him out of a plane.


  • While everybody knows that Ezekiel is not a sexist, and when somebody brings up his sexist comments during season 1 is mostly to tease him, Chris still talks about Ezekiel as if he were truly sexist.
  • Ezekiel is one of TKN's favorite characters, and Chris Maclean is TKN's least favorite character.


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