This article describes the interactions between Chris and Noah.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

While Chris was stating the rules of the in-between season, Noah made numerous comparisons to the contestants of the show to the characters of Greek mythology. He stated that Chris would be "Hades," which the host was not the least bit miffed by. He did not even seem to know that he was insulted by Noah. The cynic regarded this as a bad sign.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Things got only worse between the host and the cynic genius, since Noah would always irk the host with his sarcastic comebacks while trying to explain a challenge.

After Katie was eliminated, Noah grew even more bitter with everybody, but Chris in particular, since the host didn't even allow Katie to say goodbye to Noah. The next challenge, Chris was delighted in irking the bookworm, baby-talking him and poking at his buttons. This backfired greatly for Chris during the explanation of the challenge, where Noah unleashed a string of insulting comebacks at Chris to the point of leaving the host in tears of frustration.


  • Chris - "Now no wun wants to sit next to big bad Noahie! Poor widdle Noah's so mad and shad widout his widdle girlfriend! Is widdle Noah shad widout widdle, sweetie Katie-Watie to keep his big bad temper in check?"
    Noah - "If widdle Chrissy-Wissy keeps on talking that way, big bad Noahie is gonna kick in all his teeth, wight down his thwoat."
  • Chris - "Okay kids time to get serious"
    Noah - "Okay then that mean you should leave, Chris"


  • Noah is the second contestant Chris hates the most. The first is Ezekiel.
  • It could be said both Chris and Noah are rather cynical, but Noah is nowhere near as egotistical as the host.


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