This page is to detail the interactions between Cody and Izzy.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Cody and Izzy didn't interact very much at all during TDI, as Cody was all about Gwen and Izzy was just herself.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

When the second season began, Izzy and Cody didn't interact very much again at the start. However, when events picked up, the geek and the crazy gal found themselves conversing and interacting a lot more.

One key point was after Wawanakwa Strikers, when Cody saw Izzy was, very surprisingly, emotionally vulnerable and even crying a little. She was upset over what felt like everyone wanting her to be gone, and not taking anything she did seriously. At this rare occasion of drama from Izzy, Cody managed to comfort and cheer her up.

On Cabin Cruise, Izzy and Cody, along with Bridgette and Ezekiel, were lost at sea in the their cabins, and Izzy was very keen to start up sexual activities; Cody was with her on that. Also, when fighting C'thulu, Izzy decided to go into combat dressed like an Amazon warrior, which she was topless for her costume. Cody saw this, and was completely mesmerized by the sight.

The semi-finals came down to a coin flip (literally) between Cody and Izzy, and when Cody did have to go, Izzy was sad to see him go. At the finals in Final Gauntlet, Cody was rooting for Izzy.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Since the beginning, Izzy has been wanting to help Cody finally get a girlfriend, remembering all the nice things he had done for her in TDC. Between Anita and Eva, Izzy has been supporting Eva, as she feels a kinship between herself and the fitness girl (though only Izzy really feels that).

Izzy continues to do everything she can for Cody, and feels very protective of him.


  • The pairing name for these two is Codizzy (or Cizzy, however you pronounce that).
  • Both are known for really liking the opposite sex and making quite the number of advances.
  • Oddly enough, despite their special friendship and Izzy's habit of kissing people, Cody is one of the few people Izzy has not kissed.
  • The two are involved in the second, accidental (well, kind of), topless flashing in TD.


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