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This article focuses on the interactions between Cody and Noah.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In the third episode of TDI, during the Awake-A-Thon, Noah is seen kissing Cody on the ear, thus prompting teasing throughout the rest of the show, particularly from Izzy at the Playa De Losers.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

In this season, even though the two remain friends, Cody is seen several times throughout the show voting for Noah (much to the bookworm's outrage when it was revealed.) During Free-For-Brawl, Courtney's challenge was to have two people of the same gender kiss, and Izzy insisted on Noah and Cody. Unfortunately for her, and the fans who love NoCo, Noah chickened out at the last second and blitzed away.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Noah and Cody are still just on neutral terms, and do not hang out with each other much. However, another attempt at NoCo by Izzy during Boat Race, which was a race powered by fan service. Izzy kept insisting, and eventually Noah, thinking of the first prize cruise that he could have with Katie, was going to cave in and kiss Cody, but at the last second, his team realized they had been beaten at first place, so he ditched the idea.

When Chris called for two boys to kiss at the end of the challenge, Noah hid behind Owen and stayed hidden until Tyler and Ezekiel took part in the kissing instead.


  • The pairing of Noah and Cody is called NoCo, and still to this day remains a popular yaoi (boy-boy) pairing.
  • This is sometimes hinted to become a relationship, although The Kobold Necromancer has said that he has no intentions of this, mostly because both boys are interested and involved with girls; but he sure has fun teasing them!
  • While Noah gets angry and flustered over the insinuations, Cody, who is the more apparently straight one, doesn't seem to let it bother him too much.
  • Izzy is a major supporter of NoCo, and wants to see them kiss. This is despite her coming onto Noah and flighty around him, and being very close friends with Cody (and also coming onto him strongly too.)


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