Comeback Victory is a song sung in Guitar Saviors by Harold and Izzy. It is a parody of "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister.


We aren't gonna make fuss

No, Chris ain't gonna break us

'Cause we're making our comeback, on this show!

We rocked the strikers game, yes

The guys all wore a dame's dress

We've had our strife, we've come out strong

We bust right out of our jail cell,

We've given each other hell

From Harold's wreck, to Bridgette's thong.

So those these contests make stress

And, a lie is the cake, yes

But this will be our comeback, hear us roar!

Your defeat is impending

You're gonna need some mending

We will kick your shin, we will outlast you

The marshmallows will be ours

We'll win the dares and race karts.

We'll be throwing, snowballs at you!

(Izzy and Harold together.)

Whoa-oh-oh! Whoa-oh-oh!

We're geeks! (yeah!)

Win spree! (yeah!)

We're freaks! (yeah!)

Victory! (yeah!)

Whoa-oh, and we're doing fan service!

And that bear makes us nervous!

But we are the ones who are gonna score!

On Wawanakwa Island!

Woah, we are rocking this band!

Oh, we'll be winning this one, we're hardcore!

(Izzy and Harold together.)

Whoa-oh-oh! Whoa-oh-oh!

Izzy - They're dead! (yeah!)

Harold - No josh! (yeah!)

Izzy - I'm red! (yeah!)

Harold - Oh GOSH! (yeah!)

We're not gonna lose this

Yeah, we might even bruise Chris!

And we could even knock him, to the floor!

We are gonna win this

(Izzy - "YEAH!")

Yes, we're serious business

This just might lead up to some, blood and gore!

(Izzy - "Give it up for E-Scope!")

We're the best in all of Muskoka

(Izzy - "And the ninja!")

Hey, the duck's got a bazooka!

(Izzy - "Hi, mom! Hi hi hi!")

I don't think I can make rhymes, anymore!


  • Kobold chose this song because "[he loved] this song so much. It's like the underdog theme song; [He] had to use it."

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