The Cool Kids Club is one of the two recurring teams that would appear through Total Drama Comeback and Total Drama Battlegrounds.


The components of this team were all the campers that, according to Chris, would be popular in high school, such the beautiful girls and handsome guys (Heather, Lindsay, Trent, Geoff, Bridgette and Justin), jocks (Tyler and DJ) or "ladies in charge" (Leshawna and Courtney).

Total Drama ComebackEdit

The Freak and Geeks competed in the second challenge of the season, which was composed of three smaller mini challenges:

  1. Opposite Profession: The CKC had to build three bottle rockets by three different members, which were Trent, Leshawna and DJ. Only Trent's rocket shot into the sky (DJ's exploded in his face and leshawna's almost smack Chris), which meant defeat for the CKC.
  2. Insult Wars: Five members of the Cool Kids club had to compete in an isult war against five members of the opposite tea, the Freaks and Geeks. The chosen members (by Chris this time) wereHeather, Lindsay, Bridgette, Duncan and Gwen. Heather lost against Harold, but Lindsay won against Sadie (thanks to Heather's intervention), Bridgette easily won against Cody and Courtney tied against Duncan, which resulted in the Cool Kids' victory.
  3. Dirty Dancing Prom: In the final part of the challenge, other five members of the CKC had to dance with five members of the FnG, and try to ruin the others' clothes, but make it to look like an accident. The contestants chosen were Bridgette, Geoff, Justin, Tyler and Trent. Tyler, Geoff and Bridgette won their part of the challenge, resulting in the Cool Kids Club's victory.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Chris decided to remake the Cool Kids Club again for the third challenge. The new members that would engross their ranks were Rodney, Xander, Howard, Valerie, Daisy, Jasmine, Crystal, Anita, Zachary, Sebastian, and Arthur.

They were pitted against the new Freaks and Geeks in a paitnball battle which they lost, despite Sandra's intervention and Chris's cheating by eliminating an FnG member before the game started.


Original MembersEdit

TDB MembersEdit


  • The team's name was originally written as Kool Kid's Klub. All the TDC contestants, namely Leshawna, were shocked, as the team's initials, KKK, was highly offensive (think about it).

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