This article describes the interactions between Crystal and Xander.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Before TDB started, it was known that Xander loved blond girls, so the possibility for romance was set.

When the show started, Xander began to show an interest in Crystal among other girls, and she would grow flustered when he would flirt with her. Because of how adorable her stammering reactions were to his flirtations, he became more interested and courted her.

Eventually, Crystal started to become interested in Xander, and would start to daydream about them being together. It wasn't until a disastrous date where Carol and Billy weren't paired because he found an old girlfriend, and Crystal became distant due to being involved in trying to hook them up.

The romantic and the rebel did not hook up, despite him trying to get back with her. Eventually, they made one final try on a rewarding, romantic blimp ride; however, Crystal couldn't bring herself to pair up when she was so determined to get other people hooked up, and they remained as friends.

Crystal and Xander still work together very well for challenges, and even fought together in the Super VR and Vampire VR as well.


  • Kobold has made it clear that Crystal and Xander will not hook up. He has hinted he has ideas for who they do pair up with.


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