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deviantArt (official typeset as deviantART; commonly abbreviated as dA) is an online community showcasing various forms of user-made artwork. As of August 2010, the site consists of over 14.5 million members, and over 100 million submissions, and receives around 140,000 submissions per day.


DeviantArt has a group dedicated to Total Drama Comeback and Battlegrounds, called "TDCandTDB. While the group has several images related to the stories, there are many more scattered around the site. Editors are advised that if they see one, submit it to the group immediately.

Before TDBG came out, TKN drew profiles for all twenty-two of his characters, revealing those not yet known to everyone. He has also done profiles of Groucho and Chico, as well as other drawings for TDI (and a couple other things).


The dA group is holding a contest. This time, it is a crossover pic contest: A pair of emos, one from Dr. Seuss and one from TDBg, just hanging out together. That's it. JoJo McDodd (film version) and Clive being freinds. The images are due on May 28, 2012.


Several members of this wiki have a deviantART account.

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