This page is to explore the interaction between Gwen and Duncan.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Gwen and Duncan got along moderately well, and she gave him the only polite good-bye when he was eliminated from the show. Nevertheless, she did not consider him one of the five people she thought thought highly of, or at least regarded as being sane, before into the finale.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Duncan and Gwen were still rather neutral together, until the plot that he and Courtney were behind was revealed. Due to what the alliance had done, Gwen was furious and had a lot of contempt for Duncan and Courtney then. She was one of those who voted him off, and was carrying a grudge throughout the rest of the show.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

As TDB started, Duncan was quickly eliminated, which didn't bother Gwen so much. The punk, however, kept sneaking back to the show to see Courtney. At first, Gwen was rather irked by this, but after Trent was voted off, the goth girl was rather upset.

Duncan eventually managed to get her to talk to him, sneaking on the show earlier than breakfast so that he could sit with her and talk. As the two have a lot in common, more than she realized, they became friends would spend breakfast talking. This quickly angered Courtney, who was going through stress of her own, and believed Gwen was hitting on Duncan.

As the show progresses, Gwen has continued to laugh at Duncan's antics while Courtney has been aghast. The anger between the two girls continues on, and Duncan doesn't appear to be trying to stop those fires, more like fanning them to make Courtney jealous and notice him more since she doesn't pay much attention to him anymore.


  • The pairing name for these two is usually Gwuncan.
  • The feud between Gwen and Courtney started in TDBG when the news was revealed that Gwen and Duncan were having an affair in TDWT, starting on the same premise that Courtney suspected Gwen of flirting with Duncan.
  • As Kobold has promised not to break up Gwen and Trent, a romantic relation between her and Duncan will not happen in his storyline.


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