Eat at Maclean's is a restaurant franchise based on Chris Maclean's image.


After the Maclean Stadium, the producers of Total Drama decided to exploit Chris Maclean's image and open a restaurant about him. There are plenty of pictures of Chris in different suits decorating the walls. Chris often brags about how good the food of the restaurant is, and that he eats there every day. However, he isn't any less abusive towards the restaurant staff, as he gives them hell over the menu and threatens to fire them at any occasion.

At the end of Super VR, the winning team (the Heroes) were awarded with a free dinner at the restaurant.


  • This is a very obvious parody of the restaurant Eat At Joe's.
  • The other bad pun is that, and Gwen has shown this, one could mistake someone shouting, "Eat it, Maclean!" as promoting the restaurant.
  • Promotion of Eat At Maclean's is generally found around Maclean Stadium, though the contestants, consistently furious with the host, rip down, destroy, and/or deface any ads for the restaurant they find.

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