Enemies of the Screaming Gophers is a song sung in Guitar Saviors by Cody and Beth It is a parody of "Rock and Roll" by Led Zepplin.


(First part played with clips of Chris Maclean.)

It's about due time for an upheaval,

It's been too long that we've suffered evil.

We know Chris Maclean, loves to see us strain,

loves to yank our chain, and we're all under his thumb.

It's about due time, about due time,

To get that grinnin', sinnin', spinnin', thinnin', has-been swine.

("Yeah, and next is Chef!")

(Second part played with clips of Chef Hatchet.)

It's been a long time since I ate real food,

I'm sure Chef's put bugs in what he has stewed.

It makes me hack, take another whack,

Yeah I'll talk smack, wish my taste buds were numb.

It should be a crime, should be a crime,

To eat Chef's yucky, mucky, sucky, gucky, upchucky grime.

("Next is one of our own...")

(After an instrumental break, in which Cody and Beth head-bang, the third part plays with clips of Heather.)

It's about time we're free of that witch,

Heather wails, making our eyes twitch.

Saying we smell, hearing her yell,

Giving us hell, but then the votes all came rushing in.

So it's rather fine, it's rather fine,

Free from that screechin', beechin', leechin', creepin', bleepin' whine.

("Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!")

(Last part played with clips of the Screaming Gophers team.)

And it was real fine, that team of mine

They are the dreamin', beamin', gleamin', schemin', Screamin' Gophers!


  • This song caused Bridgette to have to sit out of her team's next song, as she had a bad experience involving Led Zepplin's music.

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