Harold and Zeke

This article describes the interactions between Ezekiel and Harold.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Harold and Ezekiel were talking to each other when pushing the crates, sharing a whispered joke along the way; thus the nerd was the only one to speak to the home schooled on friendly terms the whole season. As far as TDC lore is concerned, Harold did not vote for Ezekiel that fateful day (his vote was for Courtney).

Before TDC, Harold was one of the very few that felt bad for Ezekiel, having a small understanding for his dilemma.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Harold was one of the few to take Ezekiel's side during the first day, when most of the others were against him. He even said during a confessional that he could understand why Ezekiel wouldn't want to cooperate with them with the way he was treated.

Throughout TDC, Harold and Ezekiel were friends and relied on each other during challenges when they could. When they were required to kiss another boy for a challenge, Ezekiel grabbed Harold and kissed him; they were at first disgusted, but then cool with it and proud that they aced the challenge in that it wasn't as bad as either thought it would be.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

As far as TDBG has gone, the two have remained friends and are good with each other, but have not interacted so much. The major issue they both deal with is Geoff and Bridgette, trying to get the former to come clean on whatever it is he did and stop hurting Bridgette, their close friend, in the process. Both have also worked together to help Anita in the love triangle.


  • Both are favorites of TKN.
  • Both are more intelligent and skilled than people think them to be at first.
  • Ezekiel and Harold are both very good friends of Bridgette.
  • They're both Killer Bass boys dating Screaming Gopher girls (Heather and Leshawna respectively).


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