This article focuses on the interactions between Howard and the Female Contestants.

TDC2 Howard

The ladies man himself.


Because of how beautiful she is, Howard would frequently hit on her.


Belinda was Howard's main crush that he pursued until Boat Race.

See Belinda and Howard.


Howard didn't give Bridgette a lot of attention, mostly because she had a boyfriend and he resists flirting with taken gals. However, it can be assumed that he never found her very attractive, as when Alfred asked Howard who the "really hot blond" girl was, Howard immediately thought he meant Lindsay.


When Howard first arrived at Maclean Stadium, he said to Carol that she could put him in handcuffs any day.


When Howard first arrived at Maclean Stadium, he said to Hannah that she must be one of God's greatest creations.


When Heather was prepared for Howard to hit on her relentlessly, she was rather surprised when he didn't. That was when he made a confession in the Janitor's Closet that he wouldn't hit on taken girls, and that he also found Heather to be pretty mean.


At first, Jasmine and Howard were friends when she wasn't getting along with most people, and eventually, they started dating after Howard elimination in Boat Race.

See Jasmine and Howard.

Katie & SadieEdit

The two BFFFs did not get along with Howard, mostly because of his forward suggestions and flirtations. Eventually, the two girls worked together and with the other girls to have him voted off.


Howard didn't get much of a chance to interact with Lindsay, and he didn't want to hit on taken girls as has been stated. However, he did immediately think of her when Alfred asked about a very attractive blond girl from the original cast.


When Howard first arrived at Maclean Stadium, he told Mandy that not even the Old Gods could keep him away from her.


When Sandra first arrived at Maclean Stadium, Howard approached her against Belinda's warning, and received a slap in the face for his actions.

Later that first challenge, Howard tried to speak up for Anita when Sandra was bashing her, and the popular girl said he never would have a chance anyway. When it came to votes, Howard's confessional vote was shown to everyone along with the others, in which he said that even though he didn't like the idea of voting off a hot girl, he didn't appreciate how mean she was, and he liked Alfred so he voted for Sandra.