Season 1.5, Episode 14
First Published December 30, 2008
Challenge(s) Perform dares given by the campers.
Winner(s) Gwen, Bridgette, and Ezekiel.
Eliminated Eva.
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"Dare Ya Again"
"Jail Broken"

As it is a now a FFA game, the contestants must fend for themselves when they once again compete in challenges and dares set up by all those voted off; however, almost all of them are not entirely focused on the game. With hearts yearning for a special someone, or trying to make sure a friend is not hurt, the contestants have trouble focusing on the wild dares.


Chris announces the first challenge after the teams are now merged: another round of dares suggested by the eliminated contestants: however, this time the dares are also hosted by said contestants.


Ezekiel: Eva

Eva: Cody

Noah: Cody

Izzy: Eva

Cody: Noah

Beth: Noah

Harold: Eva

Bridgette: Noah

Heather: Cody

Gwen: Eva


Eva: 4

Noah: 3

Cody: 3


  • Noah - (after being hit in the groin) "... Oh... there goes... any chance... of Noah Junior..."

Confessional Catch PhrasesEdit

1. Let's get ready to rumble!

2. Let's get ready to make out!

3. Let's get ready to get ready!

4. Let's get ready to smooch!

5. Let's get ready to advance!

6. Let's get ready to cross-dress!

7. Let's get ready to fish for fish!

8. Let's get ready to scheme!

9. Let's get ready to ogle! X2

10. Let's get ready to cliffhanger the crowd!

11. I've got a bloody song stuck in my head!

12. I don't remember that song's name

13. I don't remember who sung it either

14. I don't even remember any of the lyrics

15. We know we'd be

16. Not subtle, just like Bridgette

17. Even I, an outhouse, is scared

18. Struck in the temple, and you're to blame

19. Do you folks at home know?


  • This episode dissolves everyone to work on their own to try and win the contest.
  • Cody and Noah almost kiss in this episode, but flee in horror of each other (much to the disappointment Izzy and yaoi-loving readers). The first near-kiss in the season one episode "The Big Sleep".
  • This is a repeat challenge of the previous episode, due to Chris lacking imagination for that day and letting those voted off to do some challenges.
  • This marks the first time Bridgette and Gwen have kissed.
  • Heather suffers her third loopy state from a blow to the head in this episode.
  • The episode title is a rhyme for "Free-For-All," as the contest has become everyone for themselves now.
  • Chris suffers his first prominent injury at the Voting Ceremony (he shoots himself in the foot with a tranquilizer dart).


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