Fuzzy Wuzzums
Gender Male.
Hair color (Fur, really) Brown.
Eye color Black.
Teams None.
Roommates Lodgings unknown.
Relationship None known.
Family Bear family, lives on Wawanakwa.
Friends Izzy.
Enemies Groucho the Duck, Cody.
Fear Only primal animal fears.
Talent Roaring, clawing, hunting.
Nicknames Bear.

Fuzzy Wuzzums the Bear is the Grizzly bear known to inhabit Wawanakwa Island. He has joined the other animals in living near the contestants in Total Drama Battlegrounds, but no one is sure where yet.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Fuzzy Wuzzums was the bear that mauled Cody, and became involved in a lot of other challenges and cameos throughout the show.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Fuzzy Wuzzums chased Noah and DJ in TDC, wanting to get them to shut up about computer gaming. He also attacked Eva during Improbable Race, but got painfully punched by the fitness buff.. His other major cameo was when Izzy brought him in for the scavenger hunt challenge, earning her a victory in all seven categories.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Fuzzy Wuzzums arrived in the derilict outhouse with Groucho and Chico. He hasn't been seen much, except one time where Groucho was chasing and shooting him with a paint ball gun.


  • It is not yet known where Fuzzy Wuzzums is staying around or in Maclean Stadium.
  • Groucho the Duck fights with him because he mauled one of his favorite troops (Cody).
  • Youtuber, Bearing, used Fuzzy Wuzzums artwork without permission and received a DCMA.

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