Groucho Chico

This page is about the animals Groucho the Duck and Chico the Raccoon, and their friendship.


Groucho and Chico met on Wawanakwa Island, away from the campers and in the forest. It is possible that they of one another as early as the Total Drama Island episode Wawanakwa Gone Wild, where a raccoon and a duck (presumably Chico and Groucho respectively) interact after being captured. When Total Drama Battlegrounds started, both duck and raccoon (and Fuzzy Wuzzums the Bear) were in the smelly outhouse when Chris Maclean transported it there.

Groucho and Chico were at first working alone, but soon they started to hang out together, watching the contestants and talking. They infiltrated the Janitor's Confessional Closet, as well as the Aftermaths on the Bus of Losers, and finally worked together to assist in the challenges.

Both have competed in challenges, and also tried to recruit more help, but Groucho's limited patience with dumb seagulls makes Chico have to control his trigger wingtip.

The relationship they share is Groucho being like an older brother or guardian to the silly and vapid Chico. They understand each other completely language-wise.


  • Both are named after two of the Marx Brothers, Groucho Marx and Chico Marx. Some say the raccoon is named after the raccoon in a Disney movie, but that's a coincidence.
  • Groucho has no attraction for human females, but Chico does, which confuses the duck.
  • Both first appeared in Total Drama Island, but weren't given names until Total Drama Comeback (Groucho) and Battlegrounds (Chico).
  • Groucho was the one who gave Chico a name when he recruited him.
  • Groucho has no trouble understanding Chico's manner of speech, while many people (including the readers) do.
  • This is a case of a strong animal buddy scenario


  • Groucho - "Wait, you were the murderer? You killed Chris Maclean?" *hugs Chico* "I'm so proud of you!"


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