This page is for the, however bizarre, friendship between Hannah and Mandy.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

At first, Mandy did not like Hannah because she thought she was an intolerant person. She would blame Hannah for her team failing during Car Race, but then she almost fell off a cliff and Hannah saved her life. This ironically began the rumor that the two were romantically involved, because they were seen with Hannah lying on Mandy. After the race, Mandy apologized to Hannah for being rude.

When Nerds vs. Pops: Paintball started, Hannah helped Mandy to buckle up her vest, but accidentally got caught, and Mandy's hair snagged on her clothing, and when the others looked, it appeared they were snuggling.

Mandy has also kissed Hannah to prove she was not gay, claiming that if she were, she would have enjoyed it (but it didn't work).

When Hannah was voted off at the end of Vampire VR, Mandy raised an enormous complaint next to Joel, and even broke down into tears when she had to say good bye to her friend. She has since mentioned Hannah several times in how much she misses her.


  • Hannah and Mandy are like the NoCo (Noah/Cody) for TDBG, in that they're both straight but consistently believed to be gay.
  • Their pairing name is Hanndy, if one does pair them.
  • Both girls are devout to their religion as of now, with Hannah being Christian and Mandy being Cthulhuist.
  • Originally, there was no plan to have Hannah and Mandy be teased about an alleged lesbian relationship between the two, but TKN insists enough fans thought it was cute.


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