This article focuses on the interactions between Heather and Bridgette.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Bridgette did not approve of Ezekiel and Heather courting, due to her suspicions that she would only use him to avoid elimination, and ditch him whenever he wasn't useful anymore, and she was right at first. Bridgette's overprotective attitude of Ezekiel comes from one of her friends being backstabbed by his girlfriend, and she didn't want to see Ezekiel to suffer that much.

During Loser Worship, after Ezekiel saved Heather of being crushed by a giant statue that Tyler accidentally knocked off, they kissed. Bridgette, watching this, realized that they were truly happy with each other, and thought that maybe Heather could become nicer, and that Ezekiel was old enough to choose his own relationships, and stopped trying to break them apart.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Heather wasn't happy with Ezekiel being so close to Bridgette, and thus she'll get mad whenever they saw them together. However, after a small talk with Crystal, Heather began to act nicer to her. Bridgette tried to be nicer to Heather too, since she was Ezekiel's girlfriend. The two are still not on the best of terms, but warming up to each other.

Bridgette has shown (mostly in the confessionals) a great deal of shock and surprise upon realizing how much Heather changed since she's dating Ezekiel, to the point that she's almost the opposite of her past self. Also, Heather's jealousy of Bridgette and worry that she's too close to Ezekiel almost disappeared.


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