This page is for the conflict between Valerie and Heather.


Ever since TDBG has started, Valerie and Heather have been at odds. This is due to Valerie believing Heather has gone "soft," and thus isn't worthy of her respect. There was a hint of future conflict in Car Race, when Valerie decided to make an alliance with Zachary to vote Heather off, and would have possibly even thrown the challenge for it. But the former queen bee heard all of it, as Valerie had mistakenly thought she was asleep. Heather didn't take to the idea, and on the following morning she offered to drive, erasing all hopes of throwing the challenge.The real conflict started off during Train Race, in which the two were exchanging insults and threats by thinly veiled, normal conversation.

It became worse in Blimp Race, where they openly insulted each other, and took to slapping one another brutally in one of the sub-challenges.


  • Like with Alejandro, Heather is one of the first who didn't trust Valerie from the start. She claims that she has a sixth sense when it comes to mean people who act nice, probably because this is how she used to be.
  • The main source of the conflict is that Valerie reminds Heather of how she used to be, and does not like being reminded of that.


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