Island Inmates is a song sung in Guitar Saviors by Harold and Izzy. It is a parody of "All the Small Things" by Blink 182.


(Footage of brown bear and raccoon.)

Island inmates

Somewhat ingrates

They steal, last straw

Can't fight, they claw

(Footage of Katie and Sadie.)

Justin, they flip

Joined up at the hip

Giggling, quibble


(Footage of Chris Maclean.)

Wakes us up soon

Still see the moon

Would ignore but

he has air horn.

(Izzy starts blaring the air horn to "na na na...")

(Footage of Owen.)

Good mood

he yells.

Big fart

I smells.

(Footage of Izzy.)

She ran from the helicopter

I wonders what's the deal with her

(Footage of Harold.)

Say I'm ninja

That is nerd law

Weirder the scene

Favors my skills

(Harold shouts ninja yells, "wah cha wha cha cha hi -yah...")

(Footage of Bridgette.)

Shooting the curl

Hope she don't hurl

She pitch a tent

Just like a guy

(Footage of Ezekiel.)

Wants a good thrill

Eva wants to kill

Keep your toque on

Zed-wearing chill

(Footage of Beth.)

Dared to say no

Courage to show

Get braces off

Come sing along

(Footage of Cody.)

Has that sly grin.

He's straw pole thin.

You will get the girl

You will get the girl

Just can't say when.


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