The Janitor's Closet is the place where contestants make confessions and remarks. It is constantly changing, and no longer contains anything that would normally be in a janitor's closet.


7th pg anita the mean girl by cid vicious-d2z86g7

Cid Vicious' comic, the first drawn picture of inside the Janitor's Closet.

Like the Confessional Cam in Total Drama Comeback, there are little jokes and remarks next to the opening saying of "Janitor's Closet," sometimes relating to the challenge or chapter content, sometimes just whatever is on TKN's mind and he wants to mention it.

The room is in constant remodeling, cleaning, touches, and decorations. Chef Hatchet is in charge of cleaning it up.

Closet ChangesEdit

  • The changes to the closet will be updated another time in chronological order. Please remain patient, this will take a while. :)


  • The concept of the Janitor's Closet being decorated is inspired from Lord Akiyama's series Total Drama Academy, where the students are free to decorate the Confession Cam, which happens to also a closet, as they see fit.
  • Sebastian brought up the irony that the creators of the show built the stadium up from the ground specifically for the show, but didn't think to make a confessional room.
  • Rodney is too short to make proper confessionals, so he has to tilt the camera.
  • Couples are constantly making out in the confessional.
  • So far, aside from the contestants, Chris and Chef, the following have done confessionals: Alejandro, Chico the Raccoon, Groucho the Duck, Billy, Dawn and some seagulls.
  • TKN makes sure that every contestant that is still in the contest gets at least one confessional every chapter, so as not to forget anyone.
  • The Janitor's Closet is also where the contestants record their votes for elimination ceremonies, and are shown at the end of the day to the readers.
  • Colin was locked in a janitor's closet much similar to this after Rookies vs. Veterans.
  • Noah tends to sleep in the janitor's closet, as much commotion appears in his own room this makes some people question his sexuality.
  • The camera in the Janitor's Closet has been broken several times, mostly by contestants raging.


  • "Man, that zombie challenge was awesome! It reminds me of the time my friend Keith and I were hanging out at the mall, and we were planning out a strategy for escape if zombies started invading. Then he compared this really ugly lady to a zombie, but she heard, and started chasing after him with her purse, shrieking insults. Luckily, his escape plan involved going out the fire escape, and he lost her in the crowd coming out." - TDBG, Chapter 19, first Keith story.


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