This article describes the interactions between Jasmine and Howard.


When Howard appeared in TDBG, he was very forward with all the single ladies. Jasmine was loud and a little abrasive, especially when it came to Harold and those who attacked her acting skills. Still, the two eventually started to talk to each other, and grew rather fond of the others' talents and traits.

Jasmine gave Howard advice on how to court Belinda, the girl he was crushing on; however, by the third challenge, the actress was voted off due to her attitude with others. Howard was the most emotional in seeing her go, calling out to her that he'd see her plays when the show was over.

When Belinda told Howard she wasn't interested, he accepted and decided to move on. That same challenge, he was eliminated and thus was very depressed by the time he was on the Bus of Losers. Jasmine was there to comfort him, and placed her hand on his knee affectionately, sparking something big between them.

They started going out during the second Aftermath, making out so passionately that they didn't even notice Sierra trying to interview Howard questions.


  • The pairing name for these two is Jasward.
  • This is another interracial pairing that is quite frequent in the TDC series.


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