The Killer Bass is one of the two original teams from Total Drama Island.
Tdi killer bass by dark rose the hedgho-d32eevy

The Killer Bass Logo and its members.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Even if the teams in this season were dissolved and rearranged before each challenge, Chris would sometimes split the contestants into their old groups. Such occasions were:

  1. Talent Night 2: Revenge of the Performers: Chris decided to split the campers into their old groups for the first challenge "for the sake of the old times." Four members of each team (chosen by Chris) had to compete in a talent show. The chosen contestants were Tyler, Katie, Bridgette and Ezekiel. Ezekiel won the challenge with a perfect score.
  2. Screams of the Thriteen: At this point, the only Killer Bass who made it to this point were Ezekiel, Bridgette, Harold, Eva, and Courtney. They had to compete against the Screaming Gophers in a series of dares submitted by the eliminated contestants. The Killer Bass lost this time, and Courtney was eliminated.
  3. The Lost Cabins: The Killer Bass had been reduced to just Ezekiel and Bridgette. Due to the loss of the challenge's rules in an hurricane, they didn't know the arrangement of the teams. The Killer Bass rose victorious when one of the cameras caught a glimpse of Bridgette smacking a giant octopus with her surfboard.



  • Izzy was originally in the Killer Bass, but she switched teams with Katie.

Killer Bass

Bridgette | Courtney | DJ | Duncan | Eva | Ezekiel | Geoff | Harold | Katie | Sadie | Tyler

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