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Unlike Total Drama Island, during Total Drama Comeback and Battlegrounds, the contestants are split into different teams each day until the merge.

Teams in Total Drama ComebackEdit

Day One - Screaming Gophers vs Killer Bass.

Day Two - Freaks 'n Geeks vs Cool Kids' Club

  • FnG: Cody, Noah, Harold, Ezekiel, Beth, Gwen, Duncan, Izzy, Eva, Katie, and Sadie.
  • CKC: Heather, Lindsay, Tyler, DJ, Bridgette, Trent, Geoff, Justin, Courtney, and Leshawna.

Day Three - Round Rectangles vs Oval Octagons vs Circular Cubes vs Asymmetrical Parallels

  • RR: Bridgette, Trent, Heather, Harold, and Ezekiel.
  • O2: Duncan, Leshawna, Noah, Lindsay, and Eva.
  • CC: Katie, Izzy, Gwen, Geoff, and Tyler.
  • AP: Beth, DJ, Courtney, Justin, and Cody.

Day Four - Major Ownage vs The 2 Gs vs Mad Crazy Skillz

  • Major Ownage: Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Leshawna, Eva, and Justin.
  • The Two Gs: Bridgette, Ezekiel, Cody, Trent, Beth, and Lindsay.
  • Mad Crazy Skillz: Harold, Gwen, Noah, DJ, Izzy, and Katie.

Day Five - Bloody Water vs Earth Spirits vs Midnight's Glare

  • Bloody Water: Harold, Bridgette, Noah, Lindsay, Eva, and Tyler.
  • Earth Spirits: Izzy, DJ, Ezekiel, Trent, Beth, and Justin.
  • Midnight's Glare: Cody, Duncan, Katie, Heather, Gwen, and Courtney.

Day Six - Snow Experts vs Winter Wonders

  • Snow Experts: Tyler, Heather, Noah, Eva, Beth, Lindsay, Courtney, Bridgette, and Duncan.
  • Winter Wonders: Harold, DJ, Gwen, Trent, Katie, Ezekiel, Cody, and Izzy.

Day Seven - Eight Pairs of Couples

  • Duncan and Courtney
  • Gwen and Cody
  • Ezekiel and Bridgette
  • Beth and Harold
  • Heather and Trent
  • Noah and Katie
  • Eva and Tyler
  • DJ and Izzy

Day Eight - Pig vs Rat vs Zebra vs Goat vs Crocodile vs Duck

  • Pig (Dinner) - Duncan, Beth, and Trent.
  • Rat (Survivor) - Ezekiel and Heather.
  • Zebra (Charger) - Bridgette and Eva.
  • Goat (Quarterback) - Tyler, Noah, and Izzy.
  • Crocodile (Stupid) - Harold, Courtney, and Gwen.

Day Nine - Mystery Meat vs Chopped Liver vs Chef's Surprise vs Catch of the Day

  • Mystery Meat - Harold, Bridgette, Katie, and Cody.
  • Chopped Liver - Ezekiel, Gwen, Izzy, and Beth.
  • Chef's Surprise - Courtney, Duncan, and Noah.
  • Catch of the Day - Tyler, Heather, and Eva.

Day Ten - Sunday Drivers vs Tire Squealers vs Vroom Vroomers vs Red Light Runners

  • Sunday Drivers - Tyler, Duncan, and Beth.
  • Tire Squealers - Izzy, Bridgette, and Noah.
  • Vroom Vroomers - Gwen, Cody, and Eva.
  • Red Light Runners - Ezekiel, Heather, Courtney, and Harold.

Day Eleven - Red vs Green

  • Red Team - Tyler, Ezekiel, Gwen, Cody, Izzy, and Noah.
  • Green Team - Courtney, Eva, Harold, Bridgette, Beth, and Heather.

Day Twelve - Killer Bass vs Screaming Gophers

  • KB - Ezekiel, Eva, Courtney, Harold, and Bridgette.
  • SG - Noah, Izzy, Cody, Beth, Heather, and Gwen.

(Days 13 through 16 are merged)

Day Seventeen - Nature's Wild Children vs Pheer Our Leet Skillz vs Against the Odds

  • NWC - Ezekiel (Led Zeke'lin) and Bridgette (Bridgette of the Waves).
  • POLS - Izzy (Kaleidoscope/E-scope) and Harold (The Awesome Ninja Harold).
  • AtO - Cody (The Code-meister) and Beth (Beth the Braceless).

Day Eighteen - Beth vs Bridgette vs Cody vs Ezekiel vs Izzy vs the Unpicked

  • Beth's Team - Lindsay, Justin, and DJ.
  • Bridgette's Team - Courtney, Geoff, and Leshawna.
  • Cody's Team - Trent, Gwen, and Eva.
  • Ezekiel's Team - Tyler, Heather, and Noah.
  • Izzy's Team - Katie, Owen, and Sadie.
  • Unpicked - Duncan and Harold.

Day Nineteen - (technically) Killer Bass vs Screaming Gophers

  • KB: Bridgette and Ezekiel.
  • SG: Izzy and Cody.

Day Twenty - Ezekiel vs Izzy vs Bridgette

  • Ezekiel's Supporters - Heather, Tyler, Beth, Justin, Noah, and Joel.
  • Izzy's Supporters - Owen, Cody, Duncan, Lindsay, Katie and Sadie.
  • Bridgette's Supporters - Geoff, DJ, Gwen, Trent, Courtney, Harold, and Leshawna.

Teams in Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

Day 1: Rookies vs. Veterans. Old School vs New School.

  • Veterans - Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Katie, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Trent, and Tyler.

Day 2: Car Race. Pink Bug vs Six seater vs Hybrid vs Race car vs Monster Truck vs Semi-Truck vs Hummer vs Jeep.

  • Team 1 - Duncan, Eva, Yoshi and Xander.
  • Team 2 - Trent, Gwen, Bridgette, DJ, Crystal, and Alfred.
  • Team 3 - Heather, Ezekiel, Valerie, and Zachary.
  • Team 4 - Katie, Sadie, Noah, and Clive.
  • Team 5 - Leshawna, Sebastian, Sakaki, Colin, and Beth.
  • Team 6 - Lindsay, Jasmine, Hannah, Mandy, Howard, and Tyler.
  • Team 7 - Owen, Izzy, Arthur, Carol, and Justin.
  • Team 8 - Geoff, Courtney, Joel, Belinda, and Daisy.
  • Team 9 - Cody, Anita, Rodney, and Harold.

Day 3: Nerds vs. Pops: Paintball. Freaks n' Geeks vs Cool Kids Club.

  • Nerds - Yoshi (L), Alfred, Clive, Belinda, Ezekiel, Harold, Katie, Mandy, Hannah, Sakaki, Sadie, Eva, Cody, Colin, Noah, Owen, Izzy, Gwen, Beth, Joel, and Carol.
  • Popular Kids - Rodney (L), Tyler, DJ, Geoff, Xander, Howard, Bridgette, Courtney, Justin, Valerie, Daisy, Jasmine, Trent, Heather, Lindsay, Crystal, Anita, Zachary, Leshawna, Sebastian, and Arthur.

Day 4: Plane Race. Teams are numbered 1-9, no specific names.

  • Team 1 - Bridgette, Izzy, Ezekiel, and Cody.
  • Team 2 - Clive, Belinda, Alfred, Noah, and Geoff.
  • Team 3 - Yoshi, Daisy, Tyler, Justin, and Beth.
  • Team 4 - Sebastian, Arthur, Sakaki, Valerie, and Howard.
  • Team 5 - Owen, Gwen, Heather, Mandy, and Carol.
  • Team 6 - Hannah, Colin, Trent, Lindsay, and Joel.
  • Team 7 - Katie, Courtney, Harold, and Rodney.
  • Team 8 - Xander, Crystal, Leshawna, and Eva.
  • Team 9 - Sadie, DJ, Anita, and Zachary.

Day 5: Zombie VR. The Dusk vs The Dawn.

  • The Dawn - Alfred, Anita, Arthur, Belinda, Beth, Bridgette, Carol, Clive, Cody, Colin, Courtney, Crystal, DJ, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Hannah, Harold, and Heather.
  • The Dusk - Howard, Izzy, Joel, Justin, Katie, Leshawna, Lindsay, Mandy, Noah, Owen, Rodney, Sadie, Sakaki, Sebastian, Trent, Tyler, Valerie, Xander, Yoshi, and Zachary.

Day 6: Train Race. Teams are numbered 1-7, no specific names.

  • Team 1 - Katie, Ezekiel, Justin, Rodney, Colin, and Crystal.
  • Team 2 - Noah, Lindsay, Sadie, Eva, Anita, and Cody.
  • Team 3 - Izzy, Mandy, DJ, Xander, Sebastian, and Alfred.
  • Team 4 - Geoff, Trent, Heather, Valerie, and Sakaki.
  • Team 5 - Bridgette, Joel, Clive, Carol, and Arthur.
  • Team 6 - Hannah, Courtney, Gwen, Leshawna, and Tyler.
  • Team 7 - Zachary, Yoshi, Harold, Belinda, Howard, and Beth.

Day 7: Vampire VR. The Hunters vs The Slayers.

  • The Hunters - Hannah, Tyler, Joel, Colin, Izzy, Mandy, Alfred, Eva, Cody, Howard, Arthur, Clive, Carol, Geoff, Justin, Noah, Harold, Xander, and Crystal.
  • The Slayers - Gwen, Leshawna, Anita, Heather, Ezekiel, Courtney, Sadie, Katie, Zachary, Yoshi, Rodney, Bridgette, Sebastian, Sakaki, Lindsay, Valerie, DJ, Belinda, and Beth.

Day 8: Boat Race. Teams are numbered 1-7, no specific names.

  • Team 1 - Sakaki (L), Sebastian, Sadie, Katie, Belinda, and Howard.
  • Team 2 - Xander (L), Crystal, Yoshi, Valerie, and Carol.
  • Team 3 - Courtney (L), Ezekiel, Rodney, Lindsay, and DJ.
  • Team 4 - Gwen (L), Leshawna, Bridgette, Geoff, and Alfred.
  • Team 5 - Izzy (L), Cody, Noah, Eva, and Arthur.
  • Team 6 - Heather (L), Tyler, Zachary, Anita, and Clive.
  • Team 7 - Joel (L), Mandy, Beth, Justin, Harold, and Colin.

Day 9: Alien VR. The Troopers vs The Predators.

  • The Troopers - Chef (L), Beth, Anita, Noah, Eva, Sadie, Cody, Izzy, Geoff, Tyler, Katie, Clive, Mandy, Yoshi, DJ, Carol, Joel, Colin, and Gwen.
  • The Predators - Groucho (L), Leshawna, Valerie, Sakaki, Arthur, Lindsay, Heather, Rodney, Ezekiel, Alfred, Bridgette, Courtney, Justin, Zachary, Harold, Sebastian, Belinda, Crystal, and Xander.

Day 10: MMORPG Race. Teams are numbered 1-7, no specific names.

  • Team 1 - Noah (L), Lindsay, Yoshi, Mandy, and Valerie.
  • Team 2 - Anita (L), Cody, Belinda, Crystal, and Tyler.
  • Team 3 - Rodney (L), Katie, Courtney, Alfred, and Bridgette.
  • Team 4 - Arthur (L), Sadie, Xander, Sakaki, and DJ.
  • Team 5 - Harold (L), Colin, Leshawna, Carol, and Geoff.
  • Team 6 - Izzy (L), Heather, Ezekiel, Eva, and Beth.
  • Team 7 - Zachary (L), Clive, Sebastian, Gwen, and Justin.

Day 11: Giant Monster VR. Panicky Mob vs Hysteric Crowd.

  • Panicky Mob - Anita, Belinda, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, Crystal, Eva, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Leshawna, Noah, Sadie, Sakaki, Xander, and Zachary.
  • Hysteric Crowd - Alfred, Arthur, Beth, Carol, Clive, Colin, DJ, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Lindsay, Mandy, Rodney, Sebastian, Tyler, and Valerie.

Day 12: Blimp Race. Dirigible vs Zeppelin vs Blimp vs Airship vs Balloon vs "Floaty Thing."

  • Team 1 - Anita (L), Zachary, DJ, Rodney, Clive, and Belinda.
  • Team 2 - Tyler (L), Courtney, Ezekiel, Colin, Leshawna, and Noah.
  • Team 3 - Xander (L), Geoff, Izzy, Arthur, Lindsay, and Sakaki.
  • Team 4 - Harold (L), Bridgette, Justin, Valerie, Heather, and Alejandro.
  • Team 5 - Mandy (L), Alfred, Cody, Sebastian, Carol, and Sierra.
  • Team 6 - Sadie (L), Eva, Yoshi, Gwen, Crystal, and Chico.

Day 13: Super VR. Heroes vs Villains.

  • Heroes - Chris (L), Cody, Anita, Bridgette, Rodney, Leshawna, DJ, Alfred, Valerie, Sebastian, Sakaki, Tyler, Lindsay, Xander, Crystal, Harold and Belinda.
  • Villains - Chef (L), Mandy, Colin, Noah, Izzy, Heather, Ezekiel, Geoff, Carol, Yoshi, Gwen, Zachary, Sadie, Eva, Clive, Courtney and Arthur.

Day 14: RV Race. Teams are numbered 1-6, no specific names.

  • Team 1 - Alfred (L), Tyler, Sebastian, Mandy, Sakaki, and Dawn.
  • Team 2 - Lindsay (L), Anita, Geoff, Gwen, Belinda, and Sierra.
  • Team 3 - Harold (L), Rodney, Leshawna, Yoshi, Xander, and Beth.
  • Team 4 - Arthur (L), Ezekiel, Sadie, Heather, Zachary, and Alejandro.
  • Team 5 - Courtney (L), Noah, Eva, Valerie, Bridgette, and Duncan.
  • Team 6 - Colin (L), Izzy, DJ, Cody, Crystal, Clive, and Chico.

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