This article describes the interactions between Noah and Justin.

Total Drama ComebackEdit

Noah didn't think too much of Justin, always a little surprised when he learned that the male model could talk. He was secretly jealous of how much Katie was attracted to him, especially when she and Sadie used that hotness in a challenge during the season.

Total Drama BattlegroundsEdit

The rivalry started off right away, when Justin was wooing the girls with his looks, and Noah pretended to nock an arrow and point it at the male model. The two were content with silent feuding and comments in confessionals for the most part, mostly because they had other issues and people to deal with. In one case during the Vampire VR they were so busy arguing that they surprised the vampires who were to attack them along with dying during the vampire rush because they were too busy arguing. Noah and Justin called each other the Anti-me with Noah started using the word.


  • They both are rather unique, Noah being Indonesian and Justin a test-tube baby (possibly of Hawaiian genes).
  • Both have girlfriends, who get along with each other just fine.
  • With them, it is mostly brain vs. brawn, strategy vs. looks, and wit vs. charisma.


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