This articles includes references of Total Drama Comeback/Battlegrounds in others fanfics.

  • Lord Akiyama and TKN have often borrowed ideas from one another to use in their respective stories.
    • One example of LA borrowing from TDC/B occurs in Total Drama Academy: Year One, in which Izzy proclaims that Ezekiel's toque has cuteness powers.
    • The use of a raccoon and a duck in one chapter of the spin-off series Return to Total Drama Island also pays a small homage to the characterizations of Chico and Groucho respectively.
    • LA admits that his interest in the Katie and Noah relationship was a result of how TKN wrote their scenes in TBC.
  • In 23 Presents by Imagi, a random female appears in a Travel Cam who bears a resemblence to Sandra (Chapter 35, Random Female 2). Jasmine also appears, but this is a coincidence.
  • In IZZMATUM by Imagi, Alfred and Mandy stop by the hotel where the contestants are at to retrieve a package of Alfred's that was shipped there accidentally.
  • In Total Drama Madness by TDI Charlie Brown, Joe takes a call that sounds like the receiving end of a call that Chef Hatchet made in TDB.
  • In You're on Total Drama Island, Charlie Brown! by TDI Charlie Brown, Beth tells Geoff a story about how a girl named Crystal wound up going out with her childhood friend Brady.
  • In Snakebite by JoeMerl, there is a glimpse of Groucho the Duck heavily armed.
  • In Total Drama Biohazard by n5d25d90, Chris compares his doomed fate to a bully being beaten by an inventor for insulting his religious girlfriend (obviously referring to Colin, Joel, and Hannah).
  • In Kobold's new fanfic Kissing Frenzy Confessionals, Crystal, Xander , and Chico appear.
  • In Trailer: Blood Moon by Jason Kruger Myers stars the cast of TDBG.
  • In Total Drama Letterz, the cast of TDB are referenced several times such as Clive being referenced through an 'emo-looking cloud' and some of the others sending fan mail in the aftermath segments.
    • In the sequel, Clive is a cousin to one of the contestants who is a contestant on a different TD series, most likely Battlegrounds.
  • In Total Drama Chris by Frank15, Lindsay mentions Hannah getting voted off, even with her being liked by the other contestants, yet hated by "the really mean guy".
    • Later, in the same story, Owen questions how everyone keeps finding jelly beans to bribe him with, probably referencing the Jellybean Smuggler, even though there weren't exactly many jelly beans on TDC.
    • Even later, Eva and Noah barge into a room with a very Mandy-like person in it.
    • Later, Chris mentions a female version of Joel called Joelle, although he thinks her to be a guy.
    • The next chapter, Sierra sends a letter in which she mentions Anita and her crush on Cody.
    • In the following chapter, Chef talks about Groucho, a guy from war, who started thinking he was a duck.
    • In the last chapter, a girl named Melinda (obviously Belinda) sends a letter, claiming to have known exactly what was going to happen to her. Xander is also mentioned as a 'hot guy with a scar' and he seems to be going onto TDB.


  • Some people think the duck in TKN's sidestory, TDWT: Reducks Redux, is Groucho the Duck; TKN has yet to confirm or deny if the fowl is the same one.

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