Room 6 is one of the eleven bedrooms where contestants spend the night in Total Drama Battlegrounds. Its original inhabitants are Harold, Heather, Howard, and Izzy.


The roommates were on the edge from the start, due to Izzy and Harold's dislike of Heather. As the contest carried on, Izzy tried to change her ways and be nice to Heather, which only made her more suspicious.

Heather has also left to be with Ezekiel on some nights, but she's still a resident of the room.





Heather: *she has a disgusted look on her face* So what is it that Ezekiel sees in her? She's demented! And Harold and Howard... especially Howard! He blew me off! Can you believe that? How dare he... *She stops and slaps her forehead* Ugh, no. Ezekiel made me promise to try and be nicer... um, well, Izzy does have nice hair. It's amazing she keeps curly hair that controlled... despite her being completely out of control...


  • Izzy and Heather have fought during every snippet looking into their rooms.
  • When Izzy made Heather's bed, it made her very suspicious that the redhead was up to something.
  • This room has more than enough funny stuff, due to both Harold and Izzy residing there.
  • This was the sixth room to be introduced.


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