Room 7 is one of the eleven bedrooms where contestants spend the night in Total Drama Battlegrounds. Its original inhabitants are Jasmine, Joel, Justin, and Katie.

Though all four of the above mentioned contestants have been voted off, the room is not completely empty, as other contestants have decided to spend the night there.


When the contestants arrived in Rookies vs. Veterans, Jasmine, Justin, and Katie began to put photos onto the wall, of themselves and of their friends and respective couples. Joel is dumbfounded of all of the pictures, as it appears that every episode, more pictures seem to be appearing; he had no room for his poster, which he hung temporarily in the Janitor's Closet.

Jasmine was eliminated first, then Joel and Katie. When Katie was voted off, Noah moved in to avoid his furious roommates he had insulted at the voting ceremony. Justin had no choice but to comply, as he had been one of the people to vote off Katie and felt guilty; however, when Justin was voted off, Noah was alone temporarily.

Geoff moved in to avoid those wanting to talk to him, mostly Bridgette. When Cody, Crystal, and Courtney moved in, the party animal fled to Room 3 to avoid Courtney mostly since she's a good friend of Bridgette.





  • Joel: Wow, I wonder if those three have ever heard of a photo album. But hey, I guess I can live with it, despite all those eyes staring at me from dozens of photos! It's actually... a little unnerving. But I swear by Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell, I won't let them keep me up at night!


  • This is the only room that currently has none of those starting in it living there, thanks to its inhabitants being voted off the earliest (they were voted off in episodes 3, 9, 10, and 12).
  • This room had the most photos on the walls.
  • Currently, there are members of other rooms staying there.
  • It has the most residents.


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