This article focuses on the interactions between Sakaki and Sebastian.

How It StartedEdit

The interaction between these two began on the very first chapter of Total Drama Battlegrounds: The Forty Four Contestants.

It all started after Sakaki nervously departed from her truck (Sebastian had arrived earlier). Noticing this, Chris took advantage of the small girl's shyness and asked the audience give her a big welcome. The terrified Sakaki let out a cry of pure terror, and squatted down to the ground in an attempt to hide, making Chris laugh. Because of her behavior, Colin, the bully he is, taunted the small Asian girl. A furious Yoshi unsheathed his sword, threatening the sadistic boy, while Sebastian went and comforted the scared girl. Sebastian calmed Sakaki down by telling her a joke that made her smile, and the two walked over to the other contestants together, oblivious to the romantic outcome of this small encounter..


This is the ONLY couple that hasn't form yet, but TKN assures that is going to happen.