The Battlegrounds Of Love is a spin-off fanfic of Total Drama Battlegrounds by The Kobold Necromancer. In each chapters, a Veteran will be pair with a Rookie.

Story 1: Tyler and HannahEdit

In chapter 1, the pairing is Tyler and Hannah, featured in a fantasy world. Hannah is a paladin and Tyler is a warrior, and they both are fighting evil creatures. While she is doing it to keep the city safe and destroy evil, he seems only interested in the money. This infuriates her, but she goes along until all of the monsters are killed. Afterwards, she goes back to her church, only to see Tyler donate almost all of the gold he made to the orphans.

Hannah apologies for thinking ill of Tyler, but he wasn't even upset. The two continue to destroy monsters, now flirting, and when they find a stolen treasure, they rejoice and even kiss.

After watching the AU movie, both Tyler and Hannah are blushing as some of the others talk about if it was really possible to pair those two up.

Story 2: Cody and MandyEdit

In chapter 2, the pairing is Cody and Mandy, featured in an supernatural AU. Mandy has managed to take over the world by controlling Cthulhu, and apart from banning a show she hates, it's all for the better (she has world peace since no one would dare upset her with war and such when she controls an Old God). She informs her servants, Izzy and Hannah, that she is lonely and desires a man.

Izzy brings her Cody, and Mandy prepares to do things to him that men should never have to go through: sobbing hysterically and needing to be comforted. Cody continues to treat her nicely, despite her trying to be mean and loud. Eventually, the two hit an arcade and play DDR together. They realize how much they do like each other, and how he manages to look past the whole "ruling the world" position with her.

The AU movie ends, and Mandy informs everyone that she will rule the world eventually, thank you very much.

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