The Producer is a woman of an unknown name who produces the Total Drama franchise. She's Chris Maclean's direct boss, and he refers to her as "unbiased, fair, kindhearted producer" (which obviously isn't any of that). Chris also seems to forget her name quite a lot, much to her chagrin. Chris is also quite intimidated by her, and shows an extreme (and out of character given his usual arrogant and egocentric attitude) submissive attitude towards her.


The producer made her debut on Alien VR, berating Chris for not getting ratings high enough, and pressured him to stir more conflict. She also ordered Chris to have Ezekiel eliminated by any means, and ban Hannah from returning to the stadium. At the end of the episode, Chris called her to solve a nine-way tie in the votes, and she eliminated Joel for the sake of getting rid of Hannah (Chris read the text out loud).

The producer appeared again in RV Race, to inform Chris that the celebrities that were supposed to guest star on the challenge wouldn't come thanks to the host's mismanagement of the show's budget. Unlike her previous appearance, she was very kind and warm towards everybody. However, Izzy and Mandy were suspicious of her, since they knew that she was after all the crap Hannah had to go through, and Joel's elimination.

However, the producer shows her dark side yet again when she decrees that no contestants are allowed to harm Colin outside of challenges or be eliminated, making the other campers hate her even more.


  • The Producer was the one who broke the nine-way tie by eliminating Joel and getting rid of Hannah.
  • The Producer told the contestants that no physical harm could come to Colin outside of challenges after Colin unfairly put Cody up for elimination and eliminated him with the help of the Mystery Villain.
    • This only made the contestants hate Colin even more.
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