With the competition over, and someone winning the money, the campers are ready to head home... but will they get the opportunity to? Chris has one final challenge for all of the contestants, however, one of them ruins it for the rest.


Chris Maclean meets the contestants at Playa De Losers, announcing that there is a possibility for another challenge, but it is entirely up to Owen. The host gives Owen the chance to forfeit his hundred thousand dollar prize, in exchange for a chance for everyone to hunt for a suitcase containing one million dollars.

Owen is very tempted, and all eyes are on him. That's when Ezekiel speaks up, saying he wouldn't do it. The lovable oaf asks the home-schooled boy why, and Zeke explains it to him in a way that even Owen could understand: if you have 22 cupcakes, and all of them are blended-cockroach-flavored but one, you have a one in twenty-two chance of eating a good cupcake.

Realizing the odds, Owen refuses to take Chris' deal. Even as the host protests, Owen is adamant and has Izzy's support. Ezekiel, however, has to deal with the contestants furious that their chance at a million dollars was ruined by him, primarily Duncan, Courtney, and Eva. The home-schooled boy has to run to escape their fury, and goes into hiding throughout the rest of their time at Playa De Losers.

Eventually, boats came and took everyone home, much to Chris's vehemence. Realizing that Ezekiel was the sole reason he lost his chance to take advantage of the contestants (at the time, he wasn't sure if there would be a second season), Chris vowed to make Zeke pay.


  • This is the only "episode" that never really was, as it was shown as a brief flashback in an episode of TDBG.

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