Total Drama Battlegrounds Aftermath Show is the aftermath show of season two. It takes place on The Bus of Losers, and is hosted by Alejandro and Sierra


Episode 1Edit

Sandra - for her elimination in Rookies vs. Veterans.

Duncan - for his elimination in Car Race.

Jasmine - for her elimination in Nerds vs. Pops: Paintball.

Daisy - for her elimination in Plane Race.

Owen - for his elimination in Zombie VR.

Episode 2Edit

Trent - for his elimination in Train Race.

Hannah - for her elimination in Vampire VR.

Howard - for his elimination in Boat Race.

Joel - for his elimination in Alien VR.

Katie - for her elimination in MMORPG Race.

Episode 3Edit

Beth - for her elimination in Giant Monster VR.

Justin - for his elimination in Blimp Race.

Carol - for her elimination in Super VR.


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