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Per Ankh

aka Aden

  • I live in The Fulcrum star system
  • I was born on May 28
  • My occupation is student, library volunteer, writer, Blue/Green Lantern
  • I am male
Per Ankh

Per Ankh - Editor

Hair color
Eye color
Hazel brown
TDI Faves
TDI Characters I Hate
Alejandro 100%!
TDB Faves
TDB Characters I Hate
Master of illusion, a powerful aerokinetic, Blue Lantern Powers
Other Names
MasterMitosi, Novanto, Per Ankh
Titles/Ranks on this wiki
Chief Editor, Dedicated Harold Fan (self-given), Editing King (given by The19)
Notable tools:
The Ban Scythe

Hi! My name is Per Ankh, If you're from, call me Novanto. On deviantART, I'm called the MasterMitosi. As a fan of TDC and TDB, I hope to help this wiki grow to it's full potential, and become as notable as the Total Drama Wiki itself!

The Final Eye of XANA
I'm watching you~!
Per AnkhAdded by Per Ankh

I am the Chief Editor on this wiki. If anyone needs help with editing, leave a message on my talk page and I'll get to you ASAP

I am the new owner of this wiki!

I've recently noticed that I've been doing just about all the work on the wiki. So, I've decided to stop doing this, and let the wiki grow on it's own.

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