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  • -Arias-

    Courtney's Opening Sequence

    September 21, 2011 by -Arias-

    After reading today Harold and Clive's opening sequences, I decided to write one for my favorite female contestant: Courtney!

    Hope you like it:

    Now It's my to shine
    This contest will be mine
    I'll stand out from the crowd
    And make mom and dad feel proud
    I'm gonna be famous!

    I'll lead my team to victory
    Like the heroes of history
    This is going to be hard
    But I will never give up!
    I wanna be famous!

    Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na!

    Nobody can stop me
    'cause I'm a CIT!
    I wanna be famous!

    I'm not going to rest
    I shall do my best!
    I wanna be famous!

    I'm not losing this!
    I'm gonna succeed!
    I wanna be famous!

    If I'm inspired, I'll also write sequences for Noah, Tyler, Izzy and Ezekiel and Heather together.

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  • -Arias-

    Okay, I recently finished reading TDC, and started reading TDB. I didn't left any review on the story because I didn't want to turn that beautiful 1600 into an ugly 1601. Besides, this review is going to be extremely long (well, it's a long story after all). Let's start.

    So, what could I say about this story? it managed to win my love despite the fact that I never, ever watched TDI (it never aired on Spain, but I'm trying to find subtitled episodes). Yes, I know it's weird. But hey Kobold, you can see this as an accomplishment. Since I never watched TDI, I was a bit lost at first, since I didn't knew any of the characters, or the setting or anything (thanks god for the TDI wiki, I got all the information I needed from there).

    I heard many pe…

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